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25 Years of Polycom

By October 12, 2015November 8th, 2017Hardware, Technology, Welltel News
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Our technology partners Polycom celebrated their 25th birthday this past week. Celebrations took place in their offices across the world with a party to mark the occasion in London on Thursday the 8th of October.


The occasion made way for a few exciting announcements from the company in the form of new product launches. Polycom are constantly at the forefront of developing the latest communication technology for humanising audio and video conferencing, breaking away from tradition. 

This time we see the launch of their ‘Realpresence’ Collaboration Solutions. The family of products consists of;

  • RealPresence Trio
  • RealPresence Centro
  • RealPresence Debut
  • RealPresence Medialign

RealPresence Trio is a three point conference system with voice, content sharing and video capabilities all built in. Polycom have dubbed this solution as the first “smart hub” for enterprise communications. Users can connect in through Bluetooth and Wi-fi so it’s accessible to all.


RealPresence Centro is made for large conference environments as it features a 360-degree camera that shows a panoramic view of all attendees in the room for full visibility of everyone present on the call.


RealPresence Debut is a portable conferencing device designed for SMEs, with a built in pan, tilt and zoom camera. Polycom technology lets the Debut focus on the main speaker in a conference situation.


RealPresence Medialign, similar to the Debut, is a portable conference solution but for companies who need a larger conference system. The device has voice, video and content sharing features and is easily assembled.


All the new products will be available by February 2016 with some becoming available as soon as next month.

Polycom are industry leaders in voice and video collaboration. Welltel have been proud resellers of Polycom products since we started out 10 years ago.

Polycom was founded in 1990 by Brian Hinman and Jeffrey Rodman is a San Francisco basement. The two men had a vision to to transform the traditional speaker phone into an indispensable business tool. They went on to produce the first Polycom Soundstation in 1992, with the distinctive ‘spider’ shape we still see today.

Soundstation 1


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