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4 Gamification Challenges For Customer Service Teams

By September 10, 2020January 25th, 2022Uncategorized

Contact centre gamification is a relatively new concept, but one that has proven itself against results. Unfortunately, it is incredibly easy for customer service employees to lose motivation and ambition for better performance. Gamification is a great way to encourage team members to continue their training and achieve better results. By creating healthy competition and reward system team leaders can entertain as well as motivate employees to strive for improvement as well as better their mental health. Moreover, it’s an extremely useful tool for supervisors that can help with performance management. 

List of benefits include:

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1. Learning Faster

Call/Contact centres usually require employees to take in a lot of new information making new training complicated. Fast learning is crucial since the goal is to get new team members ready for dialling as soon as possible. Team leaders can motivate employees by creating a game in which players (employees) have to take a number of quizzes in order to be rewarded with small prizes or badges. This could also be a competition between the members to increase the motivations and drive to perform better.  

2. Skill Level-Up

Customer service is a profession that requires continues learning which can easily become daunting to the employees. By turning skill progress into a game, team leaders can bring in some competition and encouragement for the team members to be more engaged and motivated for skill training. Employees could also be put in groups to track each other progress. Career advancement is one of the biggest motivators in the current workforce so turning skill improvement into a game with leaderboards and progress bars can spark interest and ambition.

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Enhance employee performance by helping staff achieve personal and organizational goals through an engaging and personalised program.

3. Product Expertise

Product knowledge is crucial but not easily obtained. With a number of services and products offered by the company, contact centre employees often struggle to learn the vast amounts of product information. Team leaders can turn product learning into a competitive game by rewarding team members that show a great knowledge of particular products. For instance, creating fake buyer personas and asking players to pick the best product is a quick and fun quiz that can help in retaining the otherwise dry information. Gamification can also breakdown large amounts of new material into bitesize chunks, employees feel a sense achievement as each is completed, rather than getting demoralised at not having yet completed the full training.

4. Closed Deal Race

This one is quite simple but one of the most effective ones. Give your contact centre team a time frame and let them race in how many deals they can close or alternatively set the number of deals and see who gets there first and reward the winner with a small prize. This competition never fails to boost the engagement and performance also creating a fun and happy atmosphere in the workplace.

It is important to note however that even though extremely useful and boosting, gamification must be well thought out, monitored and implemented as it can sometimes lead to wasted resources and time. Make sure you know your audience and that everyone will benefit from the competition in performance and mental health.  

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