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4 Reasons To Integrate Unified Communications Today

By November 25, 2019January 25th, 2022Business insight, unified communications

The last few years have shown us a remarkable transformation of enterprise communications as organisations migrated from traditional phone systems to IP-based communications. This has instigated a unified communications era, a technology that combines numerous systems like voice, video, instant messaging and fax into a centralised platform. 

As the digital landscape evolves, so do the expectations for businesses. Today, organisations need to communicate from any location, at any time via a variety of platforms and tools. Unified communications allows employees to do all of this in a simple and manageable manner, but convenience is not the only benefit of UC. Read these 4 benefits that UC can have on your business.


UC provides an integrated platform that connects mobile devices, desktop computers and your business staff, streaming everything into one phone number. It also allows you to store all of your contact information in one easily accessible place. Call optimisation allows employees to communicate with their customers and with each other more easily and efficiently, freeing more time to focus on important tasks. Welltel offers the Alcatel Lucent Rainbow software that connects all of your communication tools to allow an easier, more efficient and convenient workflow.  


Today’s businesses deal with massive amounts of personal and sensitive data, which requires high levels of security. With unified communications, all of the calls are made via an encrypted internet connection rather than phone lines, increasing the security of your business’s communication a great deal. Moreover, UC also eliminates the need for shadow IT, software and hardware that employees use without the organisation’s approval, which will decrease viruses and similar threats. 

Cost and Scale Flexibility

Your business communication needs depend on the size of your business. However, as time goes by your business might expand and require its communication solutions to grow and evolve with it. In many cases that is a costly and time-consuming luxury. A cloud-based UC solution allows businesses to start at a size and price that works for their organisation at the time and then scale the service up as growth occurs. The logistics are just as easy, you don’t have to purchase any new hardware, everything goes through a single could-based server making upgrades and maintenance easy and simple for everyone. Welltel offers a number of communication systems that scale up and down according to your business needs, such as ThreeSixty phone system, a scalable solution, suitable for PME’s as well as corporates. 

Customer Service

When customers contact you, they want to get in touch with the right person there and then. Unified communications enables you to answer phone calls even when you are away from your desk, out of the office or in another country altogether. It also allows you to set up ring groups and to see if the person is available in real time. Features such as this increase pick up times, lowers the hold time and helps your business look more available to its customers. 


Welltel offers unified communication software that is suitable from 2 to 20,000 users, including business instant messaging and chat. Contact experienced Welltel advisors to arrange a demo, site visit or receive a quote and join a new business communication era. 

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