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5 most popular phone system features

 5 Most popular phone system features.

And why you should know about them!

Welltel are a leading phone system provider.

A modern phone system is designed to help your business work smarter not harder. With hundreds of features available for your business phone system it’s hard to know which one’s are right for your business, We take a look at the most popular phone system features and the benefits they provide. All these features are available through Welltel as part of their business phone system services. Let’s take a look at the top 5 from Welltel’s business customer data.

Direct Dial or Personal Numbers.

‘call me on my direct number’

Direct Numbers or in phone systems terms, Direct Inward Dialling , allows each person in the company to have their own unique phone number that rings directly to their extension. A number may also be directly dialled to an extension group, auto attendant or custom routing rule, say for a sales team or a technical support group. Take this integration a step further by adding a description to each DID that will be displayed as part of the inbound caller ID for users answering the phone.

Voicemail to email

‘I just listened to your voicemail through my email’

With a Cloud based phone system you can save time by having all your voicemails messages sent straight to your inbox. When someone leaves you a message the audio file is sent to your email with the details of the caller and included is a small audio file which you can play back right from within you inbox on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Very handy if you’re running between meetings, working on a presentation or simply too busy to call the voicemail box and enter pin codes etc.

Find me , Follow me

‘I’ve just directed my office phone calls to my house phone’

Not working at your desk today? Out of town? Working from home? Your customers will never know. Simply login to the user interface and the phone system will look for you at up to four different phone numbers or extensions and then send the voicemail back to your original voicemail box. Your client, customer can call the same number, no need to send out updated contact details.

Call Groups

‘The phones in the office all ring at the same time, we never miss anything, first person to answer takes the call’

Create and name an unlimited number of extension groups on-the-fly to ring in unison. Choose to ring that group as an option from an auto attendant or choose to have the group called directly from inbound numbers, perfect for a sales team, technical support group, customer service line. All extensions in the group will ring simultaneously while the caller hears either the standard ring tones or your ‘on-hold’ music. The first person to pick up will receive the call. Simple.

IVR / Auto-attendant services

‘The system allows the caller to connect directly with the department they need without having to be transferred, plus it gives a more professional image of the company’

An unlimited number of auto attendant messages and rules are easy to create and manage. Set the IVR to work for departments, office hours, countries, payments, accounting etc. This feature is guaranteed to save your business hundreds of hours in staff time aswell as increasing customer satisfaction by not having to wait on hold for any significant period of time. Speak to the right person at the right time.

So there you have it, something to chat to your IT or office manager about the next time you pass in the office. If your business isn’t making use of the above features then maybe they should? If you’re already using these services contact us about the other 100+ services available to any phone system.





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