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5 Reasons your business should be using Call Recording

Call Recording Compliance

Call recording is one of the most in demand features requested on a phone system. For financial organisations it may be compulsory by law but for organisations in sectors right across the board it is a popular addition to their phone system. The ability to record inbound and outbound calls is invaluable to business owners and managers to maintain the expected level of quality. Call recording data is stored for a select period of time and is often used for staff training purposes. Having examples of a ‘good call’ and a ‘bad call’ is one of the best training resources you can have for new starters to master their trade quickly and correctly.

If you have toyed with the idea, here are 5 good reasons to add call recording to your phone system features.

1.Quality Control

Performance reviews are common practice and for employees who spend the majority of their time on the phone, referencing recorded calls they have made is the most accurate way to review their performance.

2. Deal With Disputes

If conflict arises between a member of the team and a caller, it is beneficial to have the recording of exactly how the call went and be able to identify where the problem lies. Having the ability to refer back to the call can help determine who, if anyone, is at fault and come up with a possible resolution.

3.Customer Feedback

Feedback from customers is essential for growth and promotion of your business but also to be able to reward employees offering exceptional customer service. Being able to hear satisfied customers is a great motivator. Also, with their permission they are a great asset to your website and promotional material.

4.Training New Starters

Training for new team members is detrimental to their success and performance going forward but can be time consuming and in some cases ineffective when the role requires practical experience. Having recorded calls to reference can be the most effective method of training for many team members.

5.Regulatory Purposes

In many industries call recording is mandatory to comply with industry regulations. The call recordings may also have to be stored for a particular length of time. Records containing legal information or any other sensitive data can be required to be stored for many years so it’s essential in these cases to ensure you have an adequate storage process.

As far as phone system features go, Call Recording is top of many lists and these are just a few of many reasons why. To find out more information on Call Recording download our brochure here.

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