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5 Signs That Your Business Broadband Needs an Upgrade

By January 8, 2021January 25th, 2022broadband

Businesses can grow fast increasing their employee numbers quickly and expanding internet needs rapidly. Not upgrading broadband capacity is an often mistake that businesses do which not only slows down their day to day operations but could also significantly lower your customer experience quality. Here are 5 signs that you should upgrade your business broadband. 

1. You’re using WiFi equipment intended for residential use

Businesses can grow fast, and even though it made sense for your business to use residential broadband at first, chances are – it’s time to upgrade. Residential broadband can only be enough for a very small/home-based businesses, companies larger than that requires dedicated business broadband with faster speeds, better customer service and protection from cyber-attacks. Although residential broadband is usually cheaper, it can cost more in lost data, slow outage response time and employee time. 

There are many business broadband packages created for small business to enterprise. If you think it might me time for you to upgrade your broadband get in touch with Welltel, we have broadband packages to match your current needs with the ability to scale up as your company grows. 

2. Wi-Fi ‘dead spots’

If you started noticing areas in the office with no signal it might be that you are dependent on old internet hardware. Employees move from desktop to mobile all through the day so it’s important to give them mobility rather than tying them to their desks. Modern business routers have stronger signals and a wider range which helps to reach all parts of the office. Several Wi-Fi Access Points can be very useful for especially large offices or offices with more than one floor.  

3. Issues with video conferencing and presentation

Due to multi-premises organisations and the increasing popularity of remote work, many businesses rely greatly on VoIP network communications tools such as video calling, video presentations and conferencing. These feature-rich solutions are known to take up a lot of the bandwidth and businesses who want to take advantage of UC tools while still having enough bandwidth for the rest of business operations will have to consider a broadband upgrade. 

By upgrading to a dual-band router you can dedicate a section of your bandwidth specifically to unified communication solutions.

4. Security Issues

Often, older broadband equipment is not supported by the manufacturer which leaves your data exposed to data breaches and cyberattacks. In a situation where and outdated firmware has no new version available, the upgrade is essential. Modern broadband equipment offers security protocols with robust encryption algorithms that prevent advanced hacking. It can also provide better access to controls and security technology.

5. Expanding use of IoT

Businesses often do not realise how much of the connected devices it is using every day. From video hardware and software to alarm systems, they require a strong and reliable signal which is forgotten until there’s a drastic drop in connectivity. All automated systems and tools use a significant amount of bandwidth. Upgrading your business broadband to include dual-band routers would allow you to dedicate to critical devices and ensure seamless operation.

Neglecting your business’s broadband needs may result in serious operation disruption. Not only it puts your business in risk of cyberattacks, slows down the work of automated systems but it could also make your employee productivity drop if they spend more time managing their crisis response rather than being able to efficiently work. 

If the last time you looked into your business broadband needs was a few years ago, chances are it’s time for an upgrade.

Contact Welltel team to arrange a site survey with one of our experienced engineers to determine if your organisation is in need of an upgrade and what are the best options. 

Upgrade Your Business Broadband

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