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5 Standard Features on a Welltel VoIP Solution

Why pay for a top of the range business phone system and then have to pay out again for essential features such as call recording and a conference bridge to make it a worthwhile investment. There is an extensive catalogue of features available on VoIP phone systems many of which will come pre-programmed on your Welltel VoIP solution.

We take standard features to the next level offering feature rich handsets with many ‘as standards’ that will set you back substantially with other companies.

5 Standard Features on a Welltel VoIP Solution:

1 – Call Recording

To buy a call recording package can set you back €2,500 up to €40,000 With Welltel it is a standard feature that comes with all handsets. Have all incoming/outgoing calls recorded on an extension by extension basis or create a rule that dialing a particular sequence in the course of a call such as*0 will result in the call being recorded. Recorded calls will be stored for 7 days then deleted on rotation. If you should require additional memory to store the calls for longer that is available to purchase at a monthly fee of €50 for 2000 hours or €95 5000 hours.

2 – Call Queuing

Manage a high volume of incoming calls by having multiple calls placed in a queue and answered by the next available operator. Works particularly well for call centres and help desks with a number of operators and high inbound call traffic.

3 – Time of Day Routing / Day of Week Routing

Whether you’re running a 24 hour contact centre or simply need to adjust for out of office hours a time dependant call routing plan programmed on your IP PBX will save you time and money. This feature is infinitely customisable and can be adjusted automatically or manually depending on your requirements.

4 – Find me – Follow Me

Stay working on the go, whether you’re at home, out of the office or out of the country. Remain reachable at your work number or direct dial by simply logging into your user interface which will allow you to be found at up to 4 different numbers while keeping the appearance to customers that they are calling you at your desk. Should you not want to take a particular call send them to voicemail which will be sent back to your original voicemail box in the office. Another of our standard features Voicemail to Email can then send you the message as a .wav file to the email address you have selected for the feature.

5 – Conference Bridge

Create a conference call with multiple parties in various locations on different phone types. For example someone on a local extension, another on a remote fixed line, another on a mobile and yourself on the VoIP connection all together in one conference. Have up to 30 users on one call without paying for an expensive conferencing system for the office.


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