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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Between a Cloud PBX and Cloud Contact Centre

PBX Solutions

If you’re considering the cloud for your back-office staff communication and you’re investigating if a cloud-based PBX is enough or if you require contact centre services, there are few things to evaluate. 

PBX Features: 

  • Employee Extensions

  • Voicemail

  • Call transfer 

  • Conferencing

  • Employee Extension

Contact Centre Features:

  • List Management

  • Intelligent Routing

  • Call recording & quality monitoring

  • Automated call distribution (ACD)

  • Real-time, historical & custom reporting

  • Agent scripting

  • Smart dialers

While the contact centre seems like the right choice due to its feature-richness, the PBX system may be the better solution for numerous reasons. In order to figure out which solution is best suited for your business, investigate these aspects. 

Time on the phone

Think about how much time your workers spend on the phone. If it’s all or most of the shift then your solution is contact centre. A system that automates tasks like scheduling callbacks and sending email templates or instant messages can benefit a team that stays on the phone all day moving from a call to a call. It frees up their time to move to the next customer and improves handling statistics overall. One of the options is Alcatel Lucent OmniTouch Contact Center  – an easy and reliable customer interaction solution that is suitable for all SMBs and enterprises who want to organize their customer service. It is an easy to use solution that offers automatic call distribution, real-time performance display, user-friendly graphic interface and is compatible with all telephones for agents who work from home. 

Contact Welltel to find out more about Alcatel Lucent Contact Centre Services


Focus of the team

If you have a team who are focused on metrics such as handling time, abandonment rate or longest wait time, then contact centre is the only solution that can provide you with these features. However, a phone system is a tool to assist workers in their roles and not to be integral to their job description so if a simple call detail records report would be enough for metrics then a cloud PBX solution should suffice. 

Welltel offers a range call recording and analytics features that can help you with workforce optimisation, compliance and quality monitoring. Click to find out more. 

Routing Requirements

When you get a call, is it important for you to be able to route the customer to a specific team or department? Or is it important to offer callbacks and providing IVR-based survey capabilities? If the hunt group feature is all that’s required than a cloud-based PBX could accommodate small or simple operations. However, if you are looking for more complex routing scenarios then you should seriously consider a system with more options and contact tagging built-in. 

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If your team uses scripts, you need a contact centre. Scripts are the key indicators of contact centre technology in need and instead of using static documents, provide your team with interactive scripts that can turn your average customer service into a great one. Consider AVAYA IX Contact Center to enhance your customer service. When choosing this solution, customers have access to Avaya IX Teamspace, Avaya IX Dashboard and Agent Scripting. Contact Welltel and find out what contact centre solutions would suit your business and employees. 

How often your teams move between different channels?

A PBX solution offers voice as a key channel accompanied with unified communications for instant messaging and presence feature. In many cases, this is enough, but if your users frequently switch between phones and an automated dialer or use many channels at once such as calls, emails and web chats than you are in need of multichannel contact centre platform which will allow users to route all forms of customer contact. 

Choosing between cloud PBX and cloud contact centre is a tough decision and should not be rushed. The best way to make sure you invest in the right system for your business is to contact our experts and have your customer service communications assessed. Our experienced team of telecom specialists will come to you! They are experts in aligning the needs of a modern business with a cost-effective solution for all. Over 3000+ businesses trust us to deliver their telecoms solutions in a fast, secure and professional way.

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