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5 Tools to Improve Your Contact Centre

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Customer experience is at the heart of every organization and top class customer service is or at least should be one of the cornerstones in a successful business. In fact, the #1 reason people switched to to new brands was feeling unappreciated (Vonage Business, 2019). However, a lot of contact centers are missing their targets of achieving customer service that would increase brand loyalty and satisfaction among consumers. 

The reasons stopping contact centers achieving their goals are various and often lay deep in the lack of agent training or management. But more often than that it is caused by a lack of suitable technology and tools that would allow agents to carry out a satisfactory service. If given the right tools and processes, agents can adopt a customer-centric approach to providing a service that will leave your customers happy doing business with you.  

5 Tools to Improve Your Contact Centre

  1. IVR – Good customer experience starts before picking up the phone. Installing IVR will allow your team to record appropriate greetings that will route callers to the agent best suited to solve their problem. This will benefit not only the customers who aren’t forced to repeat their issue to several agents before being transferred to yet another agent, but also the agents who will be able to be more efficient when receiving calls that suit their specialty.

  2. Call Conferencing – One of the most common customer service frustration is being put on hold every time a customer is being transferred to another agent. Call conferencing allows agents to conference in another agent any time they need help with the issue without transferring the call and leaving customers on hold and frustrated.  

  3. Call Monitoring – Call monitoring allows managers or trainees to listen to live conversation without the agent or customer realizing it. This is usually done for quality assurance and training purposes and is a great tool for adopting a customer-centric approach. Two other similar tools that can improve contact center in a similar way are whisper coaching, which allows a manager to talk to the agent without the customer knowledge and  call barging which allows the manager to listen to the call without the agent or customer knowledge and talk to them at any given time. 

  4. Call RecordingCall recording is crucial after GDPR and Payment Cards Industry introduced new regulations that compelled more and more organizations to record customers interactions in a secure and searchable way. It also allows managers to analyze the work of specific agents no matter when they work and where. 

  5. Reporting – Ensuring that the contact center is providing an overall satisfying service requires comprehensive metrics that customer service team could analyze and understand. Additionally, even more important are the real time metrics that allow agents to see how many calls are in queue, expected hold times etc. These metrics allow agents to make data driven decisions that will drive better customer service.

Implementing these tools have proved to result in a better overall customer experience and brand loyalty. Contact Welltel to find out more about how you can contact center be improved and what tools would work best for you team. It is crucial for businesses to keep a customer-centered approach and ensure their customers feel appreciated. 

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