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7 benefits of having a cloud phone system

Cloud phone system

Moving services to the cloud is a common enough practice for data sharing and collaboration activities, but what about your phone system? We outline the key benefits of a Cloud Phone System and why a feature rich business telephone system is only a phone call away. No matter what industry your business operates in, having a flexible, cost-effective phone system will dramatically increase the productivity of your business.


Always up-to-date

Have you heard “You need to update your system before we can support investigate the issue..” With premises-based phone systems, yearly maintenance is usually required to have the latest and greatest features. With a hosted system, those feature upgrades are included and the upgrade process is completely handled for customers. Customers never have to worry about having an out-of-date system, or pay a large expense to get there.


Great for Multi-site Businesses

Multisite deployments are always a challenge for premises-based systems and can add a great deal of cost per user. Oftentimes, several pieces of hardware and many software licenses need to be added just to add a 1-5 user remote site. With your system in the cloud, those remote sites are handled exactly the same way as the main location, reducing costs and deployment headaches.


Disaster recovery and business continuity

What happens to a company’s communications if it has a premises-based system and the power goes out due to harsh weather conditions? Our Cloud PBX gives companies the ability to stay in touch with employees and customers regardless of weather conditions or any other disaster scenario.
Cloud telecoms providers have data centers around the country that can keep services running when a local area is out of commission. For the individual, the data centers can route calls to other office or even mobile devices if there is crippling damage in the disaster area. With Welltel, you can just log into the user
portal to set up the divert yourself.


Working from home

Working remotely has many benefits for both employees and employers. Cloud PBXs provides many tools that make this transition easy and allows everyone to be as productive from home as they would in the office. Cloud Systems give remote workers seamless connectivity to in-office employees and the full suite of features that employees in the office enjoy. Because the service is provided from the provider’s data center, these features are given without the need for expensive and complex hardware and software licensing.


Reduction of Capital Expenditure

There are many reasons why OpEx costs are more attractive than CapEx. When you purchase something, you own it, even if you hate it. You are stuck with it. If you start a new system with OpEx
dollars and you are dissatisfied with a particular service, you deal with any contractual obligations and then move on to something else. With a CapEx purchase, companies are responsible for not only the initial outlay, but the ongoing maintenance costs, power consumption, holding costs, etc. of that equipment. When it gets outdated, you have to buy a new one. With Cloud Telephony, that entire burden is handled by someone else.


Flexibility when you need it, where you need it

The ease of deployment and rapid adds/moves/changes/and reductions make it simple to grow the system to your current requirements, saving a significant amount of money and time. Some cloud telephony providers can easily migrate from hosted to a premises-based system if it makes sense, or provide a hybrid solution with premises in a large corporate office and cloud for the remote offices.


Easy International Expansion

A Cloud PBX allows your company to grow internationally in an easy and cost-effective manner. Get area codes from around the world or get international non-geographic marketing numbers and give your potential clients the comfortable feeling of dealing with a business located within their area.
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