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artificial intelligence

As artificial intelligence is spreading over more and more businesses, soon it will be difficult to find an industry not profiting from various benefits that AI offer. Telecommunications industry is constantly growing and adopting artificial intelligence and robotics in many ways to offer better customer experience and business communications. Telecoms have a number of AI applications in their industry, here is some of it. 

  • Customer Servicenearly every organisation that uses artificial intelligence is trying to improve their customer service, and telecoms are not an exception. Telecoms get a high level of support requests such as installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and set up. Virtual assistants and chatbots automate responses and help direct calls to the right people saving a lot of time and expenses while improving customer experience. 

  • Fraud Detection – cybercrime has long been a major problem for many industries, currently, cybercrime costs the global economy $ 600 billion, that’s 0.8% of global GDP (McAfee, 2018). Machine learning tools are irreplaceable for detecting fraudulent activity. AI is able to learn enormous amounts of historical data and use that information to detect anomalies a lot faster than a human analyst could and send it to analyst teams for investigation almost in real-time. In addition to saving money, it also saves their customer reputation leading to better customer loyalty. 

  • Predictive Maintenance – one of the biggest concerns for telecoms are preventing outages. Enabled by AI, data insights help specialists monitor equipment, learn from past information and predict and fix equipment failures before they even happen. AI also provides network optimization, a Self Organisation Network, that powered by AI allows networks to adapt and reconfigure as needed. 

  • Analyticstelecoms obtain and possess a large amount of data about their customers every day, but the more data you have the harder it becomes to see clear insights. AI allows to go through the data extracting meaningful information that helps in customer segmentation, product development, price optimization and predicting the lifetime customer value. All of this results in a faster and more educated business decision making. 

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) – every telecom company deals with large amounts of people every day and that opens possibilities for human errors. However, by automating some of the business processes with robotics, repetitive everyday tasks can be done quicker, more efficient and with no error possibilities. 

There are many ways that telecoms can and are using artificial intelligence to extract important meaningful information from vast data sets, enabled it to predict and resolve issues a lot quicker, perform a better customer service and make educated business decisions. It is clear that AI has changed the industry with no going back and companies that are not planning to invest in artificial intelligence will be left behind.

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