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Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow | Business Continuity Offer

By March 27, 2020January 25th, 2022Offer
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When COVID-19 first reached Ireland, most of the businesses had to close their doors and either stop operating or work from home, but not all businesses were prepared for this. To help businesses stay in touch, Welltel partner Alcatel-Lucent has introduced a  Business Continuity promotion for new and current ALE customers – offering a free 3 month Rainbow Enterprise Licencing. 

What is ALE Rainbow?

Rainbow is a cloud-based communication platform with unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) features that enable individual users and teams to easily connect and collaborate with both internal as well as external stakeholders efficiently and securely. Some of the key Rainbow capabilities include; real-time instant messaging, large file transfers, high definition group and peer-to-peer audio or video calls, screen sharing, and further bespoke integration capabilities

The Rainbow platform is available in 4 different service plans:

  1. Essential
  2. Business
  3. Enterprise
  4. Enterprise Conference

While each of the service plans enables users to use Rainbow on any device, the features and capabilities of each service plan differ with Rainbow Enterprise being the most comprehensive.

What is ALE Rainbow Enterprise?

The Enterprise profile lets you assign multiple company administrators, organize Bubbles with up to 300 users, and benefit from 20GB of storage. Some additional key Rainbow Enterprise features include call recording, Microsoft Outlook integrations, advanced business phone control, PBX voicemail control, third party PBX connectors, and company user provisioning. 

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What is included in the 3 month free Rainbow Enterprise offer?

With the three-month Business Continuity promotion that ALE is offering you will benefit from as many Rainbow Enterprise subscriptions as required, to ensure that your colleagues can continue to engage with their customers and continue to operate as usual during this time of crisis. 

As part of the Rainbow Enterprise service-plan, you will have access to:
  • The use of Rainbow on any device (mobile (Android & iOS), desktop, web, tablet)
  • Benefit from a host of communication capabilities such as instant messaging, large file transfers (with built-in antivirus scanner), cloud-storage (up to 20GB), group or peer-to-peer video and audio conferences (VoIP), screen sharing, call recording, etc.
  • An ability to create multiple Bubbles (groups) with up to 300 users where everyone can collaborate and communicate together
  • Integrate Rainbow into Microsoft Outlook to add enhanced unified communication and telephony capabilities
  • Advanced business control with connections to third-party PBXs also available
  • An online administrative portal where multiple designated users can access key usage statics, manage users (move, add, change, delete), and A dedicated help desk working around the clock to guarantee business continuity
  • A fully GDPR compliant solution that guarantees the safety and security of all user-data

Contact Welltel today to get Rainbow Enterprise FREE 3 month licensing and allow your teams to connect and collaborate

Get 3 months FREE Rainbow Enterprise License

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