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As a Sapphire Partner, Welltel has credentialed associates who are qualified to design, sell, and support Avaya solutions. We have been an Avaya Enterprise Partner now for over 20 years. In 2016, we were presented the Avaya ‘Customer Excellence’ award due to our “superior customer service” and Welltel are the only Avaya partner in Ireland with this distinction.

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Avaya IP Office

IP Office Server Edition sets the standard for midsize business communications. Server Edition allows your teams to more effectively engage with each other and your customers. Deliver a wealth of sophisticated collaboration capabilities for your mobile, remote and office workers. Easily and economically scale to 3,000 users across 32 locations as your business inevitably grows.

Avaya Aura

The Avaya Aura Platform delivers a different approach to engaged communications, transforming traditional, single-purpose solutions for voice, video, e-mail and instant messaging into a true multimedia, multimodal architecture – Enabling Team & Customer Engagement Solutions, Delivering cost savings and a smart, evolutionary path for your existing communications and Integrating communications into critical business processes.

Vertical Solutions

Avaya provides integrated, customised solutions to meet the challenges of specific industries including healthcare, education and financial services. Connected, omnichannel customer experiences can help increas customer satisfaction and loyalty. Mobile and global engagement capabilities can help boost team productivity and performance.

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