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Business Broadband vs. Home Broadband

By November 13, 2020January 25th, 2022broadband
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Choosing a broadband package for a small business or home office can be a frustrating task. A reliable internet connection is an essential part of the business but does every business need specialised business broadband or a residential package could be sufficient? 

Business broadband includes many features that work towards helping your business operate better, faster and more securely while a simple home Wi-Fi can not offer the same. Here are the main features that come with a specialised business broadband deal. 


Business broadband is available in a lot faster speeds than home broadband. Even if you are only operating as a small business you can make real use of faster content upload such as videos, better download time and video call quality while not affecting browsing or voice speeds. 


As a business customer, you will have an SLA agreement which will guarantee that your broadband provider will deliver a certain level of service. That usually includes less downtime and faults fixed within a set time. If the provider fails to follow the agreement you will be entitled to compensation. When a provider offers both, residential and business services, business customers are always a priority so you can be assured that your issues will be fixed faster too. 


Broadband packages, home or business, always come with an internet security layer. However, when you’re a business, cybersecurity is vital and providers will take extra attention and care to offer you the best cybersecurity possible which will be business orientated. Some providers also offer additional security measures such as data back up or use of VPN. 

Static IP Address

Choosing residential broadband will only provide you with a dynamic IP address. However, when running a business you more than likely will require a static IP address which usually can only be provided by business broadband. 

A static IP address is essential if you wish to run a website, host any kind of server, access your computer remotely or even receive direct emails. 

Why is business broadband more expensive than residential?

Home broadband might look a lot cheaper from the first glance, but that’s not quite true. Not only residential broadband will cost you money in lost business revenue if something goes wrong and you’re not able to get in touch with your customers due to slow provider’s customer service. Business broadband also comes with many additional features that will help your business to look more professional such as business-specific email accounts that otherwise you will have to purchase. Business broadband will save you money in the long term.

Is residential broadband enough if you are working from home?

Business broadband is more expensive, so if you are only working from home temporarily for a very short period of time – home broadband could be enough. However, if your permanent office is situated at home or you are planning to work from home often, then you should really consider getting business broadband as it will secure your business from cyberattacks, will up the internet speeds for faster content and communication as well as offer a stable customer service in case of an outage. 

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