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Business Continuity: Don’t let weather be a factor, Stay connected.

Snow’d in and switched on. Don’t let the weather be a factor.

So in true Irish fashion the elements have once again proved unpredictable and we are seeing showers of snow in March. OK so it’s not enough to stop anyone in their tracks this time but what happens if we do all get snowed in and begin to develop cabin fever? Well for those using Cloud Telecoms its business as usual by ensuring the company has a business continuity plan.

Why let your business suffer from downtime, temporary closure or worse. Getting cut off from your customers due to bad weather can be avoided by acquiring a simple cost effective solution. Switch work from the office to home when needed with your VoIP phone systems.  Your numbers stay the same, your voicemails stays the same ensuring minimal disruption to your business. Features such as the Find me/Follow me interface allows you to forward calls to your mobile phone or an alternative line and all the functions of the Welltel PBX are available for you to use. Alternatively why not have any voicemails received in your absence sent to you by email or text? Follow up on them at your next earliest convenience.

What happens if I don’t have a cloud-based phone service?

The most memorable incident of recent years saw businesses interrupted by weather for days. The Dundrum Town Centre dramatically flooded in 2011,  causing some businesses to have to stay closed for a number of days. Put into context, what if it was your business? Could you sit at home comfortably, and leave your customers high and dry until the problem was resolved? More important, financially could you afford to?

As the saying goes – ‘Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail’. Don’t let your company fail due to unpredictable weather conditions or any other potential disasters that could prevent the use of your office. Welltel can create a tailor made package with features to specifically suit your company needs using the best services and products. In times of crisis you have plenty to worry about, getting ‘on the cloud’ can eliminate at least one for you and you are making huge monthly savings by doing it.

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