Dooley Insurance

Dooley Insurance have been a Welltel customer for almost a decade. 7 years ago they were relocating to new offices and received short notice of the move. Over the weekend, Welltel support team took care of the move of their communications so that on Monday morning staff were welcomed to their new offices ready to operate at their desks exactly how they left Friday evening. IVR's and call recording were unaffected and up and running as normal so none of their thousands of callers were even aware of a move.

Record & Store

Our system features call recording and storage for all inbound and outbound calls. Recordings can be saved, emailed or exported as secure, standard files.

Business Support

Dedicated support is crucial for Dooley Insurance to ensure they are always available to their customers.

“We need to record our systems for compliance reasons, Welltel put in a very efficient and cost effective system. They're always at the end of a phone, we're dealing with real people and that's very important to our business”

Tim Dooley
MD | Dooley Insurance

Dooley Insurance are a long established family run business who have recognised the benefits of modern technology to grow and evolve their business. With Welltel they found the transition to a modern IP telephony system seamless and easy to implement.


Insurance companies are required by law to record and store all calls. Welltel provide Dooley Insurance with our Call Recording system with the phone system so there is no need for expensive third party applications.


Because of the many different regulatory requirements, in addition to the standard storage, we also offer additional storage space and storage duration as an add-on to the package.

IVR Menu

Dooley Insurance require multiple IVR menus for their various products and services which is another feature that is offered as part of the Welltel phone system. Ensuring callers are directed to the correct contact.

Call Recording

Do you need to record calls for compliance reasons? We've got the solution for you.

Call Recording