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Changing Phone Systems – All You Need to Know




Thinking of Switching your phone system provider. The Cloud is where you should be looking, here’s why.

The old saying goes ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’, why cause the unnecessary upset when you can just leave things as they are. This seems to come to mind for a lot of people when it comes to changing phone systems when really the phrase could not be less accurate. By now most people will be familiar with the many benefits of switching to VoIP phone systems in the cloud. Whether it’s the savings or the extensive list of features that attracts you, people are often put off by change or disruption and consider making a switch as a messy process.

Of course the last thing you need is any disruption to your business but rest assured it can be business as usual when you are switching as it happens a lot faster than you might think.

The initial steps are basic, make contact with one of our consultants JP or John to get a quote or arrange to come in for a demonstration if you want to see the features first hand before signing up.

A payment is made for the agreed number of handsets and you fill out a port form with the phone numbers you wish to keep and move across with you and from there on it’s in our hands. The only essential is that you have sufficient broadband, if you don’t already have that in place we can arrange it for you. From there we build the package at your request with the features selected by you to suit you. With all the devices configured in house with the specific features you have requested, a Welltel engineer will visit you the same day your numbers are ported to install your brand new PBX & SIP service.

Maintenance is as simple with no need for call outs, technical support is provided over the phone, remotely to your device or via email or you can simply use our chat client to solve the problem.

Changing phone systems should take 1-2 weeks and at any time, additional features can be added within 24 hours. We’ve given a breakdown below of the timelines to transfer services from one provider to another. Please do check with us for a comprehensive breakdown.

Porting Numbers

To just port your numbers to the Welltel network simply get in contact with us and request a porting form. The amount of extensions you have coming off our service can be altered to exactly how many you want or need. Once you have the form filled out with all the numbers you want ‘brought across’ it’s in our hands. We port them over from your current provider. This process takes 10-20 days depending on the provider.

Moving SIP Trunking Services

Firstly we will need your UAN number which you will usually find on a bill or you can retrieve it by contacting your provider. Next you fill in the Welltel porting form with the numbers you want to keep and the process begins. Again this can take up to 20 days to complete.

Moving Broadband Provider

This process varies slightly depending on what service you are moving to.

In general we will need your UAN and the analog line number that currently carries your broadband, which are usually printed on your bill or can be retrieved by contacting your provider. Welltel will then check what is available in your locality, this will determine if a new line needs to be installed or if the existing package can simply be upgraded.

To Get a Fibre Line Connected

To get “Real Fibre” installed with a 4 hour SLA, we will need your full address including Unit number & what speed you desire. Then Welltel can give you an exact price for installation and the monthly charge.
Of course, if “Real” 4 Hour SLA fibre is not available, there is always Carrier Grade Licensed wireless Internet “Fibre in the Air”.





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