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Customer experience and brand image is considered to be one of the most important parts of the business that can either make it or break it. However, when considering ways to improve customer experience and overall opinion of the brand, organisations fail to notice something that’s right at the centre of customer service – contact centre agents. 

Studies show that only 2 in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to produce quality work (Gullap). A well-motivated agent in a fun and encouraging environment can boost customer experience and create a positive brand image without even realising it. It all sounds great, and to acknowledge the link between contact centre agents and customer experience is easy, but to actually create a contact centre that motivates and encourages agents – not so much.

Ways to create a positive working experience for agents

Call Volumes are not a measure of success

Many of Welltel’s customers have contact centres, so we face different challenges from different industries every day. But one thing they all have in common is that no contact centre can measure its success by the number of phone calls are handled that day alone. When agents’ performance is measured according to the number of calls they are able to handle a day, it shifts their focus to quantity rather than quality. To keep their employees happy and achieve high-level productivity, contact centres need to create focus on good customer experience and retaining customers. The agents will feel more motivated when they can help customers and keep a high satisfaction rate.

Acknowledge Success

Achievement and opportunity are one of the biggest motivators for people in work. To motivate your agents make sure to acknowledge their achievements and hard work as well as setting new goals. Make time to celebrate birthdays and other small occasions, it gives a nice break to everyone and allows them to go back to work rejuvenated and with a new positive outlook. Fun competitions, work and not work related, also help with small prizes like coupons or merchandise.


Gamification is becoming a popular approach to motivation and training where agents are encouraged to compete with each other in varies parameters such as:

  • Average speed to answer

  • Total talk time

  • Customer satisfaction score

  • First-time resolution

The best performers then are displayed on a shared dashboard. This type of training and supervising gives a sense of competitiveness resulting in transparency and productivity in development and growth. It also creates a fun atmosphere in the workplace which helps agents to stay positive.

Listen to Agent’s Suggestions

You simply can not improve without collecting some feedback from your employees. Have a suggestion box or hold meetings, it can help get some suggestions on what you can do to better motivate them or make their work easier and implement the suggestions when possible. This will boost employee motivation by showing them that they are an important part of the organisation and their work matters.


Clearly Communicate Goals

It’s hard to do something when you don’t know what is that you are trying to achieve. Try to always communicate the goal of the task you’re assigning to your contact centre. If you are assigning a new unfamiliar task, make sure to give examples and demonstrate what you really mean. That’s where call recording and analytics really help out, giving you the ability to pull out exact conversations and demonstrating what to say and what not to say. Also, make sure to include them in the company’s overall objectives. Employees feel more fulfilled in their workplace when they know that they are a part of something bigger and their work helps in achieving a bigger goal. 

Provide the Right Tools

Is your contact centre up to date or are your agents struggling with an out of date system and tools? Companies that are serious about providing top-class customer service will need to deploy the most up to date collaboration software with a completely unified communications system. When your team has the right tools it can increase their productivity and lower the frustration, which will translate to their customer service performance.

Don’t let your business slip through the cracks of unmotivated and unsupervised contact centre. Contact Welltel to receive more details on how you can transform your contact centre to a happy and driven place.


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