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Contact Centres – Interesting Statistics From 2019

By October 16, 2019January 25th, 2022contact centre, Business insight, Welltel News

Customer experience can really be a deal-breaker for customers choosing between products, services or brands. Organisations must comply with the latest tendencies of customer expectations and communication tools in order to compete in the market. Analytics helps to gain a better insight into customer demands and helps to project future industry tendencies. See below some interesting statistics about the contact centre from 2019 by Microsoft and CCW.  


Key takeaways

  1. The way that customers communicate with businesses is moving towards online communication tools such as messaging and social media, which will force businesses to invest in AI and chatbots. However, human agents will remain crucial for more complicated issues when customers will expect human interaction.

  2. The fact that the majority of people believe that customer service is gradually improving over the years shows the real impact that technology has had on the way we communicate and do business. Customers have not only excepted technological improvements, but also embraced it and are expecting better customer service due to it.

  3. Customer service is a top priority for most organisations and more businesses every day are willing to invest a lot of money into analytics and communication tools in order to gain competitive advantage. Businesses that will not comply with the latest customer service trends will fail to compete in the market.

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