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COVID – 19 | Tips and tools for remote work

By March 13, 2020January 25th, 2022remote work
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Due to spreading Covid-19 threats in Ireland, more and more organisations are turning to remote work to keep its employees safe and still keep the vital business operations working. As much as remote work has broadened workforce possibilities during this time, companies must ensure to provide their employees with the best remote work tools that they can in order to ensure data security and easy communication. 

Tools that make remote work - work:

  • VOIP Remote Work Tools – Voice-Over-IP is a software that allows voice calls over the internet. These tools enable remote teams to work collaboratively from the same system when an email or instant messaging isn’t enough. 

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) – one of the biggest concerns for organisations is data safety and working remotely can expose important data to leakage possibilities. a VPN is designed to protect an internal network or system when outsiders have access to it. This means that when you access your work system from a different location, it protects and secures the connection.

  • Virtualized Desktops or Desktop as a Service Tools – DaaS platforms allows remote workers to access their work computers from a remote location and have full access to data and applications. These platforms also are a more secure way to work remotely as all the data that is downloaded gets stored on the on-site computer.

  • Remote Management and Storage Apps – remote storage apps is what really began remote work conversation as it made it possible to store all work and data in the cloud enabling workers to jump between devices and locations without experiencing any access limitations. It also allows teams to communicate via a single channel thus increasing communication speed and productivity. 

  • Collaboration Tools – collaboration tools are a great way for remote employees to stay connected. Tools such as video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, instant messaging etc. help to keep remote workers in the loop with the rest of the team. 87% (Allied, 2017) of remote employees reported feeling more connected to their co-workers through the use of video conferencing. 

Remote work comes with its own challenges as well as benefits. It has been reported that remote work increases productivity, helps with work-life balance and employee retention. However, it is not suitable for everyone. Working from home requires strong self-discipline and ability to keep the personal and work life separate. It can also feel a little lonely and make you feel disconnected from the rest of the team. 

It can all be improved by dedicating an organised office space at home and setting a strict routine for work hours. Also, make sure to keep in touch with the rest of the team the whole time. It can be easy to disconnect, but with so many IM applications available there really shouldn’t be any reason for you to be out of reach. See below for Dos and Don’ts of remote work to help you prepare for working at home. 

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