Employees are the greatest

security risk to any business

Hackers are getting smarter and using more sophisticated ways to fool and trick employees into giving away confidential information and access to networks. Our cyber security experts deliver training workshop that will educate your employees on what to watch out for and how to recognise phishing and social engineering attempts.

The course is delivered by a leading IT security expert and covers

  • Threats Overview
  • Ransomware and Malware
  • Password policies
  • Web protection
  • Email protection
  • Mobile security
  • Preventative Measures


What it is and how to prevent it

More and more businesses are falling victim to ransomware. As cybercriminals develop more sophisticated means of attack businesses need to make sure they have the right solutions in place to protect their data and networks.

Download the PDF to help guide you through the process.


Stay Safe Online

Stay Safe Online – an easy-to-understand guide for your staff to make them cyber risk-aware! Download and circulate to your team.

Download the PDF to help guide you through the process.


How would you like to proceed?

Speak to one of our advisers about protecting your business.

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