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Digital Transformation Part 2: Collaboration


Fear is a constant barrier in business, stopping employees from adapting to newer, more effective and efficient ways of working, from leadership to entry level employees. Digital transformation implies a long process of implementing numerous new tools and ways of doing things, but it also gives an opportunity for stronger communication and collaboration between departments.

Acquiring collaboration tools is one of the most beneficial steps of digital transformations as it breaks down social divides and allows free communications between teams and a number of other advantages that can add to a company’s productivity.

Depend on technology to collaborate

Of all employees interviewed

Face challenges with their organization’s tools

  • Improved communications – teams need to facilitate the flow of ideas in the organisation by sharing documents, messages, videos, calls and files. In a culture of remote work, employees need tools that allow easy and effortless communication across your organisation. Collaboration software breaks barriers between departments and enables for ideas to flow freely. 

  • Connecting agile teams – collaboration tools provides agile employees with the possibility of working remotely and allows easier scheduling for all team members ensuring the highest possible productivity. 

  • Time saving – time is money and no business wants to waste that. Collaboration tools are not only easy to use, it also saves employees’ time allowing them to focus on more important tasks instead of going through piles of uncategorized files. This software enables team members to find and share documents in seconds generating instant ideas and creativity flow.

  • Improved Employee Satisfaction – according to statistics, 85% of employees with access to collaborative management tools are more likely to perceive themselves as happy in the workplace (Wrike, 2019). Employee satisfaction reflects highly on their performance and especially on the customer experience. Happy employees = happy customers.

Digital transformation will bring many changes to your organisation but collaboration tools will probably become one of the most appreciated by your employees as its easy to use and eliminates barriers between departments

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Easy communication across teams

Employee Satisfaction

Connected remote teams

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