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Digital Transformation Part 1: How Will Digital Transformation Benefit Your Customer Experience?

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How Will Digital Transformation Benefit Your Customer Experience?

Customer experience is at the heart of digital transformation in every business. Implementing high end technology, such as the latest phone system upgrade, into customer service helps customers’ problems to be solved more easily and more importantly, faster. In fact, 92% (Forbes, 2017) of leaders have reported having mature digital transformation strategies in place to improve customer experience vs. only 22% for all others.

Customer Experience

Leaders that have digital transformation strategies to improve…

All Others


  • More data available online – This is a simple one. Businesses used to store data locally, however recent improvements in data storage made it easy to store data in the cloud. This allows customers to find information and perform tasks themselves, which can boost your customer experience as 90% (Fast Company, 2019) of consumers expect a business to have an online portal for customer service.

  • Customer Data – At the moment businesses can learn more about their customers than ever before and if you manage to analyze the information appropriately you can really get a good insight into your customers’ shopping and searching habits. Customer data can be used not only to improve your offerings and service, but also to personalize the content to individual customers.

  • Automation –  Automation will save your business time, money and will improve customer service by speeding up answering times. Adapting automated applications can free your customer support agents to deal with more complex issues and at the same time speed up the service for the customer. 

The companies that lead their digital transformation with the customer experience as their main focus will gain greater customer trust and loyalty.

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