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Discovering your Digital Strategy at the Swipe Summit

This week Welltel attended the Sunday Business Posts ‘Swipe Summit’ in UCD. Described as ‘The only 360° digital strategy summit’, it was run in association with Microsoft and Arekibo and had a full day line-up of influential speakers from all around the world.

Delegates gathered in O’Reilly Hall to hear talks covering topics such as UX, design, SEO, social media, mobile and app development, digital innovation and social campaigns.

The day was split in to morning, afternoon and evening sessions with a panel discussion after each with all the speakers included. Out of a very impressive line-up including Anneke Schogt – Country Manager for Microsoft Advertising, Michael Clancy – MD of MediaVest and Stefano Maruzzi – VP EMEA of GoDaddy, here are some of our high lights of the day;

Niall Harbison – Founder of Lovin Dublin and Ruby and Duke, Author and Entrepreneur

The room filled up as Niall took to the stage to discuss link building with influencers, content strategy and targeting, social media, content advertising and the power of great images. He also expressed his love of Facebook, which some people may see as a dying breed, Niall views it as “the best platform in the world for targeting”.

We heard how his latest venture Ruby & Duke, which received 2 million monthly page views within 100 days of launching, has seen 42% of its sales come from a mobile device. He claims in the next few years, no matter what industry you are in or how much you think you will avoid it, mobile will totally affect us. Innovations such as Google pay will show how technology will not only save you money but make you money. A final piece of advice from Niall, don’t just be a techy, have a brand strategy.

Niall Harbison of Lovin Dublin & Ruby & Duke

Niall Harbison of Lovin Dublin & Ruby & Duke

Ciamh McCrory – Director of digital for Insight Consultants, Lecturer in social media and digital marketing in the European Institute

Ciamh started her session by making us all stand up, face the person in front or behind us and introduce ourselves. When we were back in our seats she pointed out how nobody ignored the person who introduced themselves to us, you wouldn’t do it in person so why do it online. This exercise set the foundation for a very interesting talk on engagement online or being social on social media.

She gave useful advice on managing social media for brands and businesses including the 80/20 rule and creating relatable content not all sales driven because whether you are B2C or B2B, people buy from people. Other points touched on were responding to feedback both positive and negative and monitoring your audience and being aware of where your target audience is active. Ciamhs top tip for social media was to “treat it as a virtual networking event”.

The late Bill O’Herlihy was due to join Ciamh on stage to speak at the summit so her session ended with a fitting tribute and round of applause in his honour

Tribute to Bill O'Herlihy

Tribute to Bill O’Herlihy

Matt Mullenweg – Founder and CEO of WordPress

The main event of the day saw the master talks and the main stage unite for a talk from the Founder and only recently the CEO of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. The talk was described as a fireside chat which saw Martin Casey, MD of Arekibo, sit down with Matt on the main stage and discuss the progress and work of WordPress to date, which sees them running 23.9% of the world’s websites. This was a very engaging and informative session and there will be a full post on it on the blog in the coming days.

Matt Mullenweg chats to Martin Casey

Matt Mullenweg chats to Martin Casey

Emma with Matt Mullenweg - Founder & CEO of WordPress

Emma with Matt Mullenweg – Founder & CEO of WordPress

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