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DSL, Wireless, Fibre, DIA and R-DIA Broadband Connection Explained

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CONNECTIVITY DSL Wireless and Fibre Broadband Connection

Choosing a business broadband provider can be very difficult as you need to ensure that all your needs a being covered, however differentiating and choosing a broadband connection type can be just as complicated, but nonetheless crucial. Read below to find out the basic differences between some of the broadband connections that might make the task of picking one a lot easier. 


Digital Subscriber Line is a term used for an internet connection that uses copper telephone lines with a modem to transmit data. Due to using telephone lines, it is the most widely available internet connection across Ireland as most properties will not require to install a second line, a cable or any other type of new wiring. 


  • The cost of DSL is sometimes lower  than other broadband services 
  • There is no new wiring needed – runs over standard telephone lines 
  • Landline and broadband bundles available 


  • The speed can be distance and wire quality sensitive


Wireless broadband is an internet connection that uses a small transmitter in the area to broadcast wireless signals that are picked up by a small antenna on the building then channelling the signal to a router or connection point inside the building. So the main difference is that instead of using copper lines or fibre optic cables, wireless broadband uses radio waves. 


  • No need for wiring
  • Quick installation
  • Affordable price


  • The connections strength depends on your location
  • Higher chances of outage


Fibre broadband uses fibre optic cables, which are better at transferring data than standard copper cables as it travels at the speed of light. This means you are more likely to receive faster speeds and a more reliable connection to the internet. There are two types of fibre internet:


Fibre-to-home (True Fibre), is an internet connection that runs through fibre optic cables all the way to the building and does not rely on copper wires for any of the network. This is the highest speed broadband type, however, you must be located in an area where FTTH connection is available.



The FTTC broadband means that the connection runs through fibre optic cables to the telephone exchange cabinet nearest to you and is further transferred to your building via telephone copper cables. 


It is important for the customers to find out which fibre broadband type the provider is offering as there is a drastic difference in speed and can be easily confused. Make sure you are getting True Fibre if that is what you are looking for.


  • Extremely fast 
  • No interruptions 
  • Much more scalable 


  • Immediate cost 
  • The threat of physical damage to the fibre optics


Direct Internet Access is an internet that is completely dedicated only to your business without being connected to a cabinet or sharing with anyone else. It is either provided via a cable underground or wirelessly. This is usually used by businesses that have high internet requirements and no other types of broadband is sufficient. 


  • Extremely Fast 
  • Reliable 
  • Ability to allocate bandwidth however you want


  • High cost – premium service


Welltel is also providing Resilient Direct Internet Access, a product that uses our own network core and the access networks of two different partners and, ideally, two different mediums such as fibre and wireless. This eliminates almost all chances of the outage as in the case of connection problems in one of the mediums, there will be the second to fall back to. This is the most indestructible internet connection that is used by organisations that can not afford to lose the internet even for a second and have high requirements. 



  • Extremely Fast
  • The most reliable internet access
  • Ability to allocate bandwidth 
  • No outage


  • High cost – premium service

Business broadband is a vital part of any organisation, and choosing the right type can be overwhelming. To make the right decision ensure to book a consultation and a site visit with a provider that will help to assess your business broadband speed, access and scalability needs. Welltel has an experienced professional team that can help you in every step of your decision-making process and ensure that you choose the service most suitable for your business needs. 

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