Enterprise Connectivity Solutions

Delivering faster, more adaptable,

more efficient connection speeds

for your organisation

We offer a range of connectivity solutions for enterprise. Through our Smart Internet Access solution, we are able to offer a managed bandwidth solutions on all our fibre connections. By allocating specific bandwidth allowances to each of your four major connectivity groups, we can ensure your business stays fast and free of any congestion.

Become a Well Connected Business | Enterprise Connectivity Solutions


Broadband for Business

Reliable, Secure and Fast. Our enterprise connectivity solutions are tailored to your business.


Business Support & Monitoring for 24/7 delivering peace of mind as standard. Our connections are exclusively for your business, no interruptions.

Genuine Fibre Optic

A fully dedicated, fully private, fully secure connection from our core network to the sockets in your wall provided over real fibre optic cable.

Guaranteed Intercontinental Speeds

Never worry about bottle-necks or slow bandwidth again. Our connection ensures fast speeds across any network with reliability.

Ultra-fast Connection

Our fastest connection speeds, designed for modern businesses who rely on a stable, ultra-fast connection throughout the day.

Smart Internet Access

Managed bandwidth ensure critical business services remain fast by dividing your company's bandwidth connections into multiple VLANs giving you guaranteed protection from spikes in bandwidth usage.

Scalable Bandwidth

We offer a full range of connection speeds. Starting from 20 Mbps to 10 Gbps for large enterprises. Your connection will grow as you do.

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