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Insurance Industry

In the insurance industry accuracy and efficiency are incredibly important. Our phone systems deliver all the features our clients need in an efficient package, including Call Recording.

IVR Menu

Your recorded voice menu system can direct callers to the correct department through touch tone dialing. For example ‘press 1 for car insurance, press 2 for home insurance..’ etc. You can also pre record informative messages such as opening hours.


We offer Call Recording and call storage solutions suitable for the many industries where call recording and call storage is regulatory.

Remote Working

There are so many beneficial reasons companies now want to offer remote working capabilities for both the employer and the employee. With our phone system you can work from anywhere just like you are in the office at your desk.

Call Reporting

Our call reporting software can give you detailed breakdowns of call activity, frequency, agent activity, missed calls and much more, giving you better business insight.

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