Travel Industry

Travel Industry

Welltel offer international local numbers as we know that in the travel industry it's imperative that you can easily be contacted at any time from your clients around the world. Choose an IVR service with your package to quickly direct callers to the correct branch or department at any time.

Connected Locations

If you are a multi-site company you can keep all branches and offices easily connected on one phone system with 3 digit dialling between locations for your convenience.

Better Broadband

Travel Industry software and programmes were predominantly online based before many other industries moved that way. We offer a selection of internet access options to suit all needs and budgets including Fibre Internet, Licensed Wireless and VDSL.

International Numbers

We can provide you with international local numbers in destinations of your choice making it easier and more cost efficient to do business with the global hospitality market.

IVR Menu

Your recorded voice menu system can direct callers to the correct branch or department through touch tone dialling without the need for a receptionist. You can also pre-record informative messages such as office Opening Hours and out-of-hours contact details.

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