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Go wireless, Get productive

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Headsets are a known productivity booster, giving users freedom and use of their hands during calls to multi task, use their computer, take notes etc.

Companies are now looking for ways to become even more efficient and productive and the new style wireless headsets are the go to piece of technology to make this happen. Wireless headsets are giving workers the freedom to move around from their desk while on a calls and pick up calls while on the move reducing the number of missed calls significantly.

As Unified Communications continue to gain popularity through the business world, headsets are also an essential for any companies using softphones or considering introducing softphones as their main piece of communication equipment.


Here are 3 of the top advantages of using headsets.

  1. Productivity – As mentioned above using a headset frees up a user’s hands  allowing them to multi task or focus on more than one thing at once. Numerous reports have found users reporting increased productivity and efficiency while using a headset.  
  2. Health & Wellbeing – The physical benefits include a reduction in back aches, discomfort and fatigue linked with cradling a phone on your shoulders or holding it to your ear for long periods as well as an improvement in posture.
  3. Quality – Using a headset doesn’t mean you have to compromise on call quality. With sound enhancing technologies and noise cancellation features on modern headsets there is no difference to using a handset. The fixed position of the mic also ensures that there is no effect on the sound for the caller no matter how


To further boost the benefits of using a headset, adding an Electronic Hook Switch to your phone give you full functionality on the headset to pick up calls remotely while away from the phone whether you’re roaming around the office or working remotely.

We understand each office dynamic is unique so give one of our business consultants a call now to discuss your setup and requirements and we can give you a customised plan to suit your company. You can view our full range of Communications Equipment Here.

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