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Helping you take control of your time & your business

Time-Saving Services.

With such a wide range of business services out there it’s hard to know which to choose when considering improvements for your business. Saving time is probably one of the most important things you can do and your business communications  is a great way to achieve this.

We decided to highlight some of the business communications services currently being enjoyed by our customers which have benefited them a great deal, giving them more time to focus on their own organisations.

Bandwidth Solutions | Welltel Limited

Fibre Broadband

Faster, more reliable and always on. Boston College experience a new level of speed with Fibre Broadband connection from Welltel. 100 Mbps Dedicated Internet Access, or SMART Internet Access ensuring maximum reliability for your critical services.

Boston College Ireland is one of a number of organisations seeing the value of a dedicated fibre connection. The company uses the service to provide reliable, fast, always on broadband capability to it’s students and staff alike. The faculty have a robust, reliable system which allows for up to 100 Mbps speeds on their dedicated line without experiencing any latency issues no matter what time of day.

Welltel Just Split

Giving you better business continuity

We deliver peace of mind. If your office or branch is affected by a power outage or disruption of any kind your calls will immediately pass over to your next available office or contact ensuring your customers never lose out. is an awarding winning travel agency. They specialise in sun holidays and operate from 6 branches across Ireland. They use our service to ensure potential customers never miss the opportunity to speak to someone about their next holiday. During a recent power outage at one of their branches, calls immediately passed over to their Walkinstown branch, calls were not disrupted and once the outage was fixed, service returned to normal.

Jim Vaughan, MD of is one of our customers who benefits from the failover capabilities of our phone system

“We had a power cut in one of our offices yesterday and the calls automatically diverted to another office. It’s just a very stable system so I have no problem recommending it from the point of view of cost, flexibility and quality”.


Desktop Chat Client – ThreeSixty

Business is about communication. The speed of that communication is something which can make the difference between identifying an opportunity and missing out on one entirely. We recognised that our customers work lives have changed, together with remote working services, office-wide communication needs and better efficiency across multi-site businesses we decided to build our own Desktop Communication Client which we call – ThreeSixty Desktop

The service offers instant chat features as well as the ability to share content with colleagues anywhere in the world from your desktop. The application’s unique feature allows you to see who is actually on the phone, in a meeting or available to chat without having to wait for a reply. 

Call Analytics

Call Analytics and Monitoring

Data is king. Having information at your fingerprints which allows you to make better informed decisions about your company’s operations, company’s marketing channels and advertising budgets is a tool that could be invaluable towards your organisations growth. We give you all these features at a fraction of the cost of traditional telecoms providers. 

FirstStop Automotive use Welltel Call Analytics and Monitoring to better understand where their local advertising campaigns are working by tracking inbound calls to their local and regional phone numbers, they can now understand which areas are benefiting from local advertising and which are not. As well as this they get to see time of day peaks in traffic allowing them to generate overflow procedures for busy periods during the day, week or year.

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