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How Can Call Analytics Benefit Your Business?

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Call recording and analytics is a crucial part of any contact center which gives a better and deeper insight into your business. Organisations that want to track and evaluate not only their agents’ performance but also the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, are bound to invest in call analytics sooner rather than later. 

Benefits of Call Analytics



Call recording and analytics can provide detailed reports on the calls received and the patterns that occur. Knowing the average call length, busiest weekdays and time of day as well as which locations generate most calls and the relationships between these statistics can help you in allocating and maximizing marketing and sales budgets in the future.

Customer Service

While more and more organisations stop providing call center services instead directing people to either the FAQ section of their website or chatbots, there will always be times when a customer will prefer talking to a real person. And while we are big fans of chatbots and all the communications tools that AI has offered, some more complicated issues still require human interaction. Call recording allows managers to listen to conversation, pinpoint the wins and losses and come up with new ways to do better in the future. For instance, if customers are getting frustrated by having to repeat their account number an option for adding the number before the agent picks up the phone has been added thus easing the customer frustration and saving agent’s time. 

Legal Protection

Call recording provides both the organisation and customers with legal protection in case of an argument or any other event where evidence would be required. With the introduction of regulation from the government (GDPR) and the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) companies are more and more being compelled to record and archive all customer interactions in a secure and searchable system.

Improving Products and Services

Recording and archiving calls means you can easily transfer specific calls to manufacturing teams that can asses what customers like about your product or services and what could be improved. This information can be used by production teams to ehance the product thus improving customer experience and increasing revenue.  

Contact Center Training

Customer feedback is the only way to improve customer service, and call recording and analytics can provide you with valuable information that may be used to enhance the customer service team’s performance. By monitoring calls, managers can train their staff to offer better customer service and experience.

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Call recording and analytics is a crucial part of the contact center of a business that wants to provide a good customer service. However, it offers many more benefits than that, such as gaining insight for future marketing strategies, providing legal protection and improving products/services. 

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