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What to do in case of broadband issues?

By November 5, 2019January 25th, 2022broadband, WiFi
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If it seems like your broadband is not working, there are few steps that can help you to narrow down the problem

Turn your router on and off

Your router could have ran out of memory due to a bug or a leak, the processor could be overheating and running out of processing power which would cause the router to stop operating as would be expected and ideal. Rebooting the router frees up memory and processing power as it will shut down any processes running in the router and give the processor a chance to cool down if it is overheating.

If the router seems hot, let it cool down and try to find a better-ventilated space for it

The router heats up because just like a computer it needs to process data and big amounts of data can cause the processor and other components in the router to heat up.

Check the network for power if you have switches distributing your connection

The switch is what distributes the connection to all of the devices if there is no power going to the switch you won’t be able to connect because all of the devices go through the switch to get to the router. 

Check if other users are not using all of the available bandwidth

Whatever processes you are running on your computer that use the internet will use a certain amount of bandwidth. Certain processes may consume more bandwidth than others, for instance, downloading a movie while you are streaming your computer will consume much more bandwidth than just browsing Facebook. If the amount of available bandwidth is not big enough, one person may use all the bandwidth by downloading a few movies a the same time for instance.

Check software settings – incorrect Firewall or Anti-virus settings can stop you from connecting to your broadband

Firewalls and anti-virus usually act as filters to prevent any threats from accessing your network, but the same way that they can filter inbound traffic they can also filter outbound traffic. If the settings on the firewall or anti-virus are wrong you could end up blocking yourself from accessing the internet. There are many settings in a firewall that could prevent you from getting access to the internet if they are miss configured but something to check is if there are no filters blocking your access to the internet. 

If the issue persists
Contact Welltel

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