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Increase Bandwidth to Increase Productivity

By July 16, 2018January 6th, 2022Business insight, Large Business, SMEs, Technology

Poor internet is one of the biggest productivity killers within businesses. Given how much we rely on internet for business processes and services we would always recommend Dedicated Fibre Internet Access to clients. While it doen’t come cheap and a lot of people question ‘can we afford this’ but realistically the question you should ask yourself is can you afford to be without it.

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is extremely accurate when referring to business broadband as the price is often the deciding factor when choosing a service rather than the important issue of speed and quality of service. Can you afford to wait for 4 days for a resolution if your business broadband goes down?

Welltel Communications

If you need more reasons to convince you to consider better business broadband then we can list a few benefits here that may help with your decision.

  • Better service level agreement – Yes you are paying a premium price but you’re also getting a premium service. Dedicated fibre come with a 4 hours SLA as opposed to most other conventional broadband connections which have a 4 day SLA.
  • Uncontended – Have you done a speed test on your broadband lately to check what speed you are working on versus what you are paying for. With conventional broadband, there are multiple connections with varying useage on the one line sharing the speed available on that line. With dedicated fibre, it’s run right to your comms cabinet so you are not losing out on any bandwidth.
  • Quality & Productivity – For your staff it will maximise productivity as most services they rely on to do their job are undoubtedly reliant on the internet. The quality will also be appreciated by visitors/customers to your business which in many industries can lead to repeat business and customer satisfaction. For example in the hospitality sector, the number one requirement for business travelers is fast, reliable and secure internet connectivity.

If you would like to arrange a free site survey to assess your broadband issues or  requirements, complete the form on our contact us page or email and one of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

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