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5 Reasons Instant Messaging Beats Email for Internal Communication

There are many arguments for and against both email and instant messaging as a form of internal communication in the workplace. Emails can be constantly back and forth for a prolonged period for something that could be dealt with in half the time in many cases. While instant messaging is seen as more informal which may not suit all business types but there is so much more to instant messaging when used correctly. Learn about some of the advantages it has over email here.


1 – It’s in the name, it’s instant! Emails can often be slow to come through which is frustrating when sending a short, informal message or an urgent, pressing matter. With a chat client you can receive and reply instantly, in real time, making collaboration much more efficient.


2 – Presence. Any good chat client includes a presence feature so you have visibility if someone is online to receive or reply to a message or if they are busy, on the phone or in a meeting etc.


3 – Content sharing. You can send attachments as you would in an email. Pictures and PDFs can be sent instantly.


4 – Doubles as a softphone. Many instant messaging applications come as part of a unified communications solution which can feature a softphone which connects to your landline number meaning you can make and receive calls from this like you would at your desk. This is one of many additional features that can come with UC solutions such as the Welltel ThreeSixty desktop client.


5 – No build up. If like many people your inbox never has ‘0’ unread emails and they continue to pile up throughout the day as you try your best to catch up on the important correspondence, filter out the spam and respond to as many as possible, then sending you another email to add to that pile is probably not the best or fastest way to communicate with you.

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