Devices connecting to the internet

presents several vulnerabilities

if they are not properly protected

In a business setting IoT devices to include industrial machines, smart energy grids, building automation plus whatever personal devices employees use at work. Some network security doesn’t have the ability to detect IoT devices connected to it. IoT security can only be accomplished with an integrated solution that delivers visibility, segmentation, and protection throughout the entire network infrastructure.


  • Enhanced network protection
  • Ward against data theft
  • Device inventory
  • Secure remote working
  • Greater flexibility
  • Higher productivity


  • Encryption
  • Access logs for IoT devices
  • Effective and secure password policies
  • Network security and device authentication
  • Design with the goal of security and privacy


AirGap provides companies with an additional layer of IT security. The service will enable Welltel’s customers to safeguard their data, providing them with business continuity back-up and ensuring against data compromise or loss.


O’Briens Fine Foods

Welltel enhances security and mobile working for O’Brien Fine Foods. Welltel devised and implemented an all-new infrastructure for the business with performance, security and high availability in mind.


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