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Key Benefits of the Cloud in Retail


There are many common problems facing retailers today, technology may be the last thing on their minds.

With hours and staff cut back to the minimum, and trying to steadily increase sales through customer service what if your technology resources could take some of the weight off your shoulders? We take a look at some of the main benefits of the cloud based telecoms solutions to businesses in the retail sector.

There are many PBX features that may benefit the retail environment;

Voice mail to email

If the phones go unanswered and the person is sent to voice mail, this feature sends the messages as .wav files to the email client of your choice making it more accessible.

Roaming Extensions

– Retail is so fast paced who knows exactly what tomorrow holds or where you will be found. If you are on the move around the store for example you can use your individual extension number to log into the nearest phone to you using your own unique PIN, so all calls to you are then routed through that phone instead of to your empty office upstairs.

Call Pickup

– Have the access to answer a phone in any department at the touch of a button. Rather than letting a call go unanswered across the office or in a different department use a single digit such as zero with the extension number of the phone to pick up the call yourself

Call Monitoring

– This feature allows a supervisor for example to listen in on calls. This feature is beneficial for a number of reasons, particularly staff training and ensuring quality and continuity of customer service


– No more running for the phone book, or a messy A4 pad, store all numbers on your handset and have your contacts at the touch of a button. Directories can be imported from Outlook, Excel in to your centralised directory, which you can maintain and update from the web.

– Or we can integrate with your own directory. Your Marketing team member can update store listing or new department phone numbers from one database which is automatically sent to each phone or handset, so you’re store is always up to date.


Benefits of the cloud


Call Analytics

Customer is key, but do you know who your customer is and what they want? Get a better insight into your business with our call analytics feature. Find out which office/department receives the most call traffic, peak time of the day for call traffic, length of calls and much more. Use this information to maximise your business potential by planning your rosters effectively or to monitor advertising campaigns, another one of the key benefits of the cloud.

This is just an example of how implementing a Cloud communications system can enhance your business and increase productivity. The benefits are endless. If you have any specific requests or want more information get in contact with us, email call 1850 240 240 or visit

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