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The Latest IP Hardware from Gigaset

By May 14, 2014Hardware

Gigaset R630 - IP Hardware review



IP hardware reviewed.

What IP hardware is right for your business? Welltel take a look at the PRO range from Gigaset. Having looked at a number of cordless handset it’s clear that Gigaset have focused heavily on improving their range of handsets for a multitude of business types. Looking at the rugged R630H PRO it’s clear that it’s designed for a tough situation, somewhere were things get dropped, dirty or wet. The DECT handset itself is waterproof to IP65 standards aswell as being dustproof and shockproof. If you’re working with heavy good or are involved in construction, auto-motive, manufacturing or metalworks this phone is right for you. The device still has all the business features you’d expect from Gigaset. As IP hardware goes all the standard pieces are here, 1,8″ illuminated display, 14 hours of talktime as well as visual call signalling for those noise shop floor situation.

Audio profiles and vibration in meeting mode.

Different business situations require different audio levels and alert options. The R630H PRO has an advanced audio feature set, with a profile key that allows for easy switching between the relevant ringtones for loud or normal environments. It also has a vibracall function for meeting situations, excessively loud environments and other business circumstances when a vibration alert is preferable.

LED Flashlight and Signal Flashlight

The flashlight functions offered by the R630H PRO have you covered. When in meeting mode, the handset vibrates on receiving an incoming call and the LED light flashes. The phone display also keeps you updated by showing the caller ID, while the keys illuminate.

In summary, we feel that this range of handheld phones offer businesses a greater choice in IP hardware. You still get all the features you’d expect from a full featured office phone, but it adds something else by being waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Meaning it can handle anything you throw at it. Literally.

You can check out the full spec Technical information here.

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