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What are ‘missed calls’ costing your business?

By June 9, 2016August 16th, 2018Business insight, Phone system features

What was the value of your last customer contract? €1000, €10,000, maybe even €100,000. No matter how many zeros, what if that call had gone unanswered? That sum could be in the pocket of your competitor as research has found that 85% of missed calls will not call back again and 75% of those who did not receive an answer will not even leave a voicemail. So before you miss anymore opportunities, it may be time to question what your phone system is doing for you and how much it’s costing you?

With the phone still the number one choice of communication for people, can you afford a high volume of missed calls? Unanswered calls or calls that can’t be connected lead to lost opportunities and a bad reputation for your business. As the saying goes, ‘first impression is the only impression’ and people are more likely to tell others about a bad customer experience than a good customer experience. The next stop for that lost opportunity will be one of your competitors.

You may not realise the capability your business phone system has and how it can solve some of your problems, but chances are you are not utilising all the potential features of your phone system.

Features such as Call Hunting and Auto Attendant can give your customers a pleasant contact experience and lead them to exactly the right person or department efficiently.

Call Hunting, for example, will route all sales calls to users in the ‘Sales Hunt Group’ and can be distributed in a number of different sequences among the team so someone is sure to pick up. Auto Attendant allows the customer to navigate themselves to the correct person or department by touch tone dialing. It can also lead them to automated information announcements such as opening hours to reduce unnecessary calls to operators.

So if you are not already doing so, it’s time to start ‘rescuing’ those lost callers with a business phone system full of enterprise level features.

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