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How modern telephony can help SMEs grow

SME’s, now more than ever before, form an integral part of our economy. It’s currently estimated that there are approximately 200,00 SMEs in Ireland which account for over 68% of private sector jobs. SMEs have made an impact on the economic growth here, but now that the economy has flourished it is important that these enterprises continue to grow. It was revealed in late 2015 that 96% of SMEs planned to expand in 2016.

The general outlook of business decision makers in the Irish SME community is positive. New research among SMEs earlier this year showed that more than half of IT decision makers surveyed intended to invest in IT infrastructure in the coming year, suggesting that it is widely recognised that technology is one of the keys to business growth.

Scalable for success

With a variety of monthly plans available and plug and play connectivity, growing teams are easily connected. Configuration is done remotely and new users can be set up within a few hours. Cloud telecom infrastructure also suits multi site businesses, whether additional sites are existing or on the agenda for the near future they can all be connected to one central PBX. Not only will your billing be consolidated but they will also be reduced thanks to the free internal calls on top of the competitive packages. The mobility of these systems is particularly useful for office moves. Keep your number and don’t suffer any downtime with the plug and play functionality of IP phones.

Communication is key

Voice is still a preferred method of communication for many people, and is an essential channel for businesses to communicate with their customers. Your communications lead the way with your customer service, therefore having an efficient telecoms set up can ensure a great customer experience. The enterprise level features available from modern cloud phone systems can help with call volumes with automated processes to route calls to the relevant department/person, give you better business insights with call statistics and helps you work remotely.

Reduce costs

One of the main factors that has lead to the success of hosted VoIP and cloud telephony is the cost savings attached. Line rentals and hardware costs are instantly reduced significantly. A business that spends it’s money wisely is destined to grow and a telecoms upgrade is for sure a long term and worthwhile investment that will see a rapid ROI. Customers have reported up to 50% savings within 6 months of implementation compared to their traditional systems.

The majority of software and hardware used by businesses is now hosted in ‘the cloud’ as opposed to locally or on premise and it has proved to be a huge success once implemented. Technology is a key driver of business so keeping up to date with modern technology is integral to the success of SMEs.

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