The modern workplace

is continually evolving

New technologies are promoting a new way of working with secure remote access, portable devices and collaboration tools heralding the age of the mobile worker. Companies nowadays need to consider a “smart office” working environment to attract and retain talent with productivity levels as good as if on-site. IT is integral to maintaining efficiency levels and ensuring security is paramount.


There’s a lot of IT service providers out there.

How do you choose the right one for your business?

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Many IT providers pay lip service to the concept of proactive services, very few really deliver.

But the benefits of proactivity are clear

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Mobility is the new normal in the working world.

Have you systems in place to enable secure remote access for staff?

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Considering moving systems to the cloud?

Confused as to which cloud solution is right for you? We implement public, private and hybrid cloud

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Modernise & Transform Services

Wellte OneCloud


Welltel OneCloud is targeted at organisations that want to move as much of their IT into the cloud as possible. It is suitable for companies with as few as five and up to thousands of employees and allows them to securely access information from anywhere without the need for physical servers or VPNs.

Mobile Working

Mobile Working

Improvements in IT security and connectivity make it easier for companies to enable mobile working for their employees, but a good end-user experience is vital. Welltel offers a range of mobile working services that deliver high availability of systems, seamless connectivity and secure communications.

Remote Collaboration

Remote Collaboration

We have researched the leading cloud storage and file-sharing tools that enable seamless communication with multi-device access to bring teams together virtually. We help companies develop secure, high performing and reliable platforms for sharing files, information and conversations.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Business Analytics Solutions enable a business to develop new insights and business understanding based on analysis of data generated by various disparate solutions. We help organisations utilise the right tools to enable them to understand their business performance better.

Cloud Workflow

Cloud Workflow

Cloud-based workflow solutions enable organisations to meet business demands and scale up/down quickly without a costly upgrade. The flexibility and customisable nature of cloud-based workflow enable organisations to tailor processes to meet their exact needs.

“As well as enabling growth, Welltel has provided us with peace of mind that our data is protected.”


Finn McCann – Technology and Systems Director

Careplus Pharmacy & Axium Buying Group

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Helpful Info

My employees are working more from home or on the go should I be concerned about security?

Mobile working can offer an increased level of flexibility, and, when rolled out correctly, help people to better balance their personal and professional lives. However, allowing employees to work remotely can leave companies vulnerable to a range of security issues. It’s extremely important for organisations to implement the necessary security infrastructure to protect their critical assets.

What real-world benefits will digital or workplace transformation deliver to my business?

The capabilities that digital tools deliver has a huge impact on employee morale. Sharing of information in real-time across teams increases productivity and fuels innovation. Companies can become better engaged with their customers. Overall Digital Transformation increases business potential across innovation, staff, operations and customer experience.

I’m aware of the term Internet of Things (IoT) and we have more devices accessing our network but I’m not sure I’m harnessing the power of it.

As the Internet of Things continues to grow the amount of data being produced will increase further. With the right tools and system in place, this data is hugely powerful, revealing patterns, trends and associations all of which can be used for smarter, better-informed business decisions.

My business generates a lot of data that we don’t fully analyse. I don’t have a big IT budget so are the tools I need out of my reach?

New technologies capable of storing and analysing large data sets are available on an as-you-need basis for a monthly charge. These solutions enable companies to unlock the insights that big data holds without the headache and expense of managing sizeable internal IT systems.

I understand the benefits that cloud brings to a business but I’m unsure what solution best fits my needs.

There are options around what cloud model to adopt and it is important that businesses should carefully consider which would best suit their needs. The most important element in the decision is a well-experienced cloud service provider who will be able to advise on what is best for your company and provide the necessary security to keep your business safe.
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