Our Next Gen Network

Our infrastructure scales easily

to meet the demands of

our customers

Unlike many of our peers, we have established our telecommunications business by building a strong foundation, having made a number of significant investments in our network infrastructure and technology over the past decade.

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Welltel operates a convergent network, providing services for all forms of communication – voice, data and video. Our network uses endpoint security, it is a totally private network, with no public access. We provide full Denial of Service (DoS) which shuts down any attempted attacks preventing hackers from getting access to your network.


We operate in two mirrored, fully redundant Dublin data-centres ensuring high reliability and disaster resilience. Our VoIP platform has been engineered for reliability and 100% uptime. We operate redundant PoPs that never stop. Distributed cluster architecture, data replication across data centres and core network redundancy for each element like power supplies and UPS’s all contribute to Welltel’s impeccable uptime.


We own our own number range in Ireland and lease SS7 switching capability from a fully licenced tier 1 operator thereby directly interconnecting with eir and alternative operators without incurring SS7 hardware and opex costs. Our voice service does not transverse other networks, it’s all on the Welltel private network in the same way ISDN would be on Eir’s.


We operate a higher quality, lower latency, performance optimised network. On an IP level, we directly interconnect with multiple connectivity partners through the Irish internet exchange and through multiple tier 1 internet transit providers. We connect our switch to multiple Tier 1 landline and mobile carriers. We have maximised the availability of our services by establishing redundant interconnections with 10+ tier 1 ISP and network providers.