Remote access for employees and

customers to your business applications

demands reliable connectivity

Should the primary inbound connection fail you need a solution that seamlessly switches to your secondary internet connection. Wellte’s inbound WAN monitoring service continuously monitors the availability of inbound connections such as those required by VPN users or customers who access services such as an ordering portal.

Once a failure is detected it automatically switches to the backup connection, keeping essential services online.

Features & Benefits

Cloud-based service that monitors the status of your internet connections required to keep essential services online. Once a connection failure is detected our cloud-based service automatically fails services over to your backup connection without manual intervention.

  • Maintain essential services should your internet connection fail
  • Seamless failover VPN users without reconfiguration or manual intervention
  • Seamlessly failover customer connectivity to portals and ordering systems
  • 24 x 7 cloud-based service

8 tips for choosing the right IT Partner

Choosing the right IT Partner for your business is critical to achieving your business goals. An IT Partner is not only about support. A good IT Partner will propel your business forward with innovative and secure solutions. Download the PDF to help guide you through the process. 


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Our team of IT Security experts are highly skilled and experienced in the latest technologies and solutions used to protect a business from cybercrime.

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