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Remote Working

By October 24, 2019January 25th, 2022telecommunications, remote work

As the communication tools we use on a daily bases are improving in connection and functionality, so are our working habits. More and more businesses are starting to offer remote work as an option for its employees or are hiring freelance workers. While some swear by its benefits, others are still hesitant, concerned that it may challenge their productivity and work relationships. 

However, remote work can offer many benefits to an organisation such as:
  • Productivity boost 

  • Better work-life balance 

  • Employee retention

  • Wider talent pool and many more

If your organisation is considering remote work as an option for its employees, Welltel can provide the right communication tools to ensure flawless communication and workflow. 


Is your team equipped with the right tools, training and technology for flawless communication and workflow? Contact Welltel for advice on what phone systems, unified communication tool VoIP and VPN solutions would be right for your organisation.

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