Welltel CyberView is a cloud-based

service that is designed to

identify hidden threats and make

users aware of them

Cyber-attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, and several strains of malware have evolved to hide within networks. Antivirus solutions are frequently unable to detect this malware, allowing it to lie dormant and activate when it can cause maximum impact. Welltel CyberView is a cloud-based service that is designed to identify these hidden threats and make users aware of them. It collects logs and internet usage patterns from businesses’ firewalls which are then analysed and converted into easy to understand reports.


  • Identifies hidden threats
  • Identifies bottlenecks causing network slowdown
  • Mitigates Cyber risk
  • Scales to meet customer demands
  • Provides IT staff with actionable data


  • Suspicious activity monitoring
  • Processess 10,000+ threats daily
  • Automated Customisable Reports
  • Actionable Threat Intelligence
  • Web usage Reporting
  • Bandwidth Reporting


With Welltel Patch Guard we reduce the risk of malware infection by making it easy to manage, deploy and monitor patching across your entire estate. Available either as a self-service tool or managed by Novi the service will help prevent malware from accessing your systems and data.



What it is and how to prevent it

More and more businesses are falling victim to ransomware. As cybercriminals develop more sophisticated means of attack businesses need to make sure they have the right solutions in place to protect their data and networks.


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