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Low-TCO, hardworking Wi-Fi where everything connects. Quickly, simply, and securely. Now and for the future.

Go Stellar: Hard-working Wi-Fi access

Enterprise-wide mobile connectivity is business-critical. But that’s no excuse for it to be costly and complex.

Our Stellar WLAN solution uses unique architecture, automation and intelligence to make your Wi-Fi network easier to configure and deploy.

The result? Low-TCO, hardworking Wi-Fi where everything connects. Quickly, simply, and securely.

Benefits of Stellar Wi-Fi


  • Simplicity: High-speed Wi-Fi with optimal radio coverage, yet simple to deploy and scale

  • Performance: Distributed intelligent architecture for better performance and high availability

  • User-centricity: Easy to connect to, excellent quality, secure user experience for employees and guests

  • IoT readiness: Unique IoT containment technology connects to any Wi-Fi device securely and automatically; use and deploy your own IoT solutions with confidence

  • Analytics capability: Smart analytics monitor and control applications to help inform business decisions

  • Unified management: Native unified access for LAN and WLAN with cloud-enabled management that guarantees the best QoS

  • Evolution pathway: A futureproof solution built on the latest technologies, innovations and services


When the quality of your Wi-Fi can determine whether a guest comes back to you or whether they post a good review or a bad one, it’s time to ask – is your Wi-Fi working hard enough?

Guest expectations are changing and rising perpetually. Customers want and demand more. They want to feel secure, looked after, special.

These days that means keeping them ‘connected’. With almost half travelling with two devices, and two in five travelling with three devices or more, they expect to be able to connect to their businesses, their colleagues, their friends, their families, their lives.

And they expect to be able to do so from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. Securely.


From high-speed trains to self-driving cars, transportation solutions are harnessing the power of IP connectivity.

Getting people and things where they need to be, as efficiently as possible, is crucial in the transportation industry.

Efficiency, safety, reliability, experience – there’s a new way to deliver transportation solutions to the travelers and staff on your network. Make your Wi-Fi network easy to configure and deploy, with total connectivity, from A to B – and everywhere in between.

Our Stellar WLAN solution connects customers for the best transportation experience, it connects people and processes securely for speed, comfort and safety, and it connects transport systems to enhance communications, security and efficiency.


Discover the wireless network that’s intelligent and reliable enough for the smart classroom.

Education is being shaped by several powerful forces.

From the textbook to the curriculum, from the classroom to analytics, everything is being digitized, right down to learning itself.

Coupled with the rise of the smart classroom, and of personalized and flipped learning, this means there is now greater diversity, more users, and more devices than ever before. All of them demanding anytime, anywhere, secure connectivity.


How do you meet the growing need for a reliable, fast wireless network for patients, guests and clinicians alike, in the face of growing network traffic and cybercrime?

As the recent cyberattacks on high-profile hospitals demonstrated, it is imperative that healthcare networks are now more resilient and secure than ever before.

But that’s no easy task. Especially at a time when, despite being spread extremely thin already, such networks are under pressure to perform better and deliver more coverage to more users, on more devices, with lower latency.

And with the cost of cybercrime rising by a third from 2013 to 2015, more than 20 billion IoT endpoints expected by 2020, and billions of smartphones and other personal devices shipping every year, that task will only get tougher.

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