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We are continually upskilling our team and developing our Managed Services offering to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our customers. Our team are highly experienced and accredited and we approach each customer on an individualised basis to ensure that the service is tailored to meet their needs.


Do you feel your IT network and systems are ageing?

Are you utilising new technologies to grow and protect your business?

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Identifying the right cloud for your business

Aware of the benefit of cloud technologies but not sure how to implement them in your business?

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Remove Complexity

Is your IT team overwhelmed and unable to perform critical tasks due to workload?
We can help.

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Planning for the long-term

It is a huge advantage to formulate an IT strategy in tandem with the larger business plan. We can help you plan for the future.

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Support & Managed Services

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IT Support & Managed Services

Managed IT services take the burden of IT maintenance away from a business for a monthly cost. We offer different types of managed IT offerings ranging from outsourcing projects or elements of IT to the entire IT function.

Managed Security

Managed Security

With the pace that cybercrime moves at many companies are now turning to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to help them protect their networks and data. An MSSP can help a business mitigate the risk of cyber-attack which can prove costly both financially and reputation damage.

Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud Services enable a business to share and access systems and data via a remote network, benefitting from access to the latest technologies without large capital outlay.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Using predictive analytics and the latest technology we detect issues before they have a chance to cause problems – and often before our customer knows about them. Responding to alerts, our dedicated monitoring team immediately action and remediate issues, averting unplanned outages and lost productivity.

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

Welltel’s proactive maintenance service is focused on reducing IT risk and increasing productivity, ensuring that critical IT systems perform well, are reliable and regularly maintained in an effort to protect them from cybersecurity threats and unplanned outages.

Proactive VPN Monitoring

Proactive VPN Monitoring

Remote access for employees and customers to your business applications demands reliable connectivity. Should the primary inbound connection fail you need a solution that seamlessly switches to your secondary internet connection.

“As well as enabling growth, Welltel has provided us with peace of mind that our data is protected.”


Finn McCann – Technology and Systems Director

Careplus Pharmacy & Axium Buying Group

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Helpful Info

I find my IT Systems go down more than I would like. Is this really damaging my business or is it normal?

Infrastructure and systems when managed correctly should not result in unscheduled downtime. Even just one hour without access to digital client records, software applications and automated processes can have a ripple effect across the business.

I am aware of the benefits of using the cloud in business? Is it something I could enable in house?

Many companies transitioning to the cloud realise during the process that they need extra support. A trusted IT Services partner is often the solution, one who can complement the current in-house capabilities and extend the expertise available.

How does partnering with an IT provider ongoing make my systems more reliable?

A Managed Services partner will proactively monitor your solutions to ensure optimal performance. Ongoing monitoring pre-empts any issues with security and performance long before the client becomes aware of them.

I have ambitious plans to grow my business and potentially expand into new markets? Should I be considering IT strategy in my business planning?

The right technologies will enable SMEs to grow without having to add to headcount. Cloud, video conferencing, secure remote access and other collaboration tools can deliver a completely new environment for a company to operate in that doesn’t account for locations and borders. Knowing when to leverage your MSP’s experience can reduce risk and cost.

Can partnering with an IT Services Provider really affect the bottom line?

IT Services companies are full of techy experts who can offer a solution to any IT question big or small! They keep up-to-date with the latest solutions and deliver end-to-end service from scoping through implementation to ongoing support. This partnership can be vital to the economic growth of a smaller company giving them the potential to reach new markets and new customers.

I am sure my business could benefit from investment in IT but internal IT resources are already under pressure and I’ve no additional budget.

Growing the IT department isn’t an option for companies with a limited budget. It takes time and money to bring in new equipment, train existing staff and maybe employ new staff. However, through a solid partnership with an IT provider businesses can develop synergies whereby they can tap into existing expertise without big investment whilst receiving a personal and hands-on service.
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