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The International marketplace. Why being local can make you a global leader.

By March 26, 2015January 6th, 2022Business insight

In the midst of the great Bord Bia Marketplace event, which sees over 400 food buyers descend on Ireland for a week, we saw it important to discuss the concept of a virtual office and its benefits.

Many start-ups and smaller enterprises cannot afford the overheads of a luxurious office space in line with their competitors. So if location is proving difficult and you may be working from home or a small modest environment you can indeed ‘Fake it to make it’ so to speak. Many companies rent an address to list on their website or use as a postal address.

The same goes for your phone number. At Welltel we can provide you with the area code you need whether it’s national or international, and still have the calls come in on your direct line or main office number. This eliminates the need for an office, staff and all the overheads that come with that in the particular city, county or country. This solution still allows you to have a virtual presence in a new market without the need for significant investment in office space, staffing costs or marketing.

Example 1: Export Focused Food Business.

FoodBiz ltd. is a food business looking to export their range of organic cheeses to the American market. By setting up a virtual presence in Wisconsin they can easily build relationships with distributors and vendors without having the cost of international calls.

Once the company reaches a scale where they need someone ‘in-country’ they can confidently invest in staffing their new Wisconsin office knowing there is demand for their products and good relationships already established.

Having a local phone number can increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing material to potential customers and gives them the convenience of a local number to call while actually reaching your Irish base. You become accessible to a whole new market and population at no major cost to anyone.

Nationally businesses often want to increase their localised advertising reach, through having a local number. By giving the impression that you are in the area you can also increase your results from Golden Pages and Google searches when people search for a business in your industry in their county. Simply apply the area code of the county to your existing number and all calls can still be set up to come in to your main office as normal.

Example 2: Cavan based construction company goes national

On the tail end of the recession Wix construction is beginning to find its feet again. However with business being slow in Cavan and Dublin being in close proximity, owner Richard wants to build up big business in the capital where construction projects are developing every week.

To be considered for jobs Richard wants to be listed when people search for ‘Construction companies in Dublin’ on the likes of Google and the Golden Pages. However they are not office based and admin work is done from home, the company communicates on mobile phones. By setting up a local Dublin number with Welltel Richard was able to have those calls directed to his mobile.

If you are interested in expanding your virtual presence, nationally or globally contact the team in Welltel on 01 254 1800 or via our website

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