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Webinar Overview – Business Continuity solutions from Alcatel – Lucent Enterprise

By April 29, 2020January 25th, 2022remote work
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As Covid-19 continues to spread around the world, businesses are forced to close down or work from home when possible. To help organisations find the best remote work tools Welltel hosted a webinar on Alcatel Lucent Enterprise business continuity solutions. The webinar was hosted by Paul Byrne and Mark McDonald from Welltel as well as a guest speaker Eamon Connaughton from Alcatel Lucent Enterprise. 

In the webinar, we focused on two Alcatel Lucent Enterprise remote work solutions that can help organisations stay in touch and in business during this unpredictable time of the worldwide pandemic. The two communication tools are ALE IP Desktop Softphone that ensures continuity of customer service and a unified communications platform Rainbow for teamwork consistency and meetings with the customers. 

To determine which remote work tool is most suitable for your organisation you must establish what is the biggest challenge your team is facing when working from home. If you require continuity in customer service then IP Desktop Softphone should be your choice as it will allow processing all calls just as you would if you were in the office. On the other hand, if you are looking for a tool that will connect your team and ensure teamwork consistency as well as allow meetings with customers Rainbow is going to do the job. Read more about both of these tools below. If you would like to hear more about the products offered don’t hesitate to contact us for one to one session on this topic. 


IP Desktop Softphone

IP Desktop Softphone allows users to make and receive phone calls from their computer using only an internet connection. This solution is built for all employees using a business phone, call centre agents and customer service employees. It allows you to respond to urgent customer requests from home by keeping call distribution in place. Immediate adoption with same ergonomics and features as the office phone. 

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Features include:

  • One-click access to call features
  • Call centre features (option)
  • Multiline and call supervision
  • Dial-in a click
  • Get voicemails, hang up, call back
  • Direct access to the company directory in click
  • Easy sound volume control
  • Contextual menus as if at the desk


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Rainbow Enterprise

Rainbow is a cloud-based communication platform with unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) features that enable individual users and teams to easily connect and collaborate with both internal as well as external stakeholders efficiently and securely. 

Features include: 

  • 50-party audio conference 4 simultaneous video streams selection
  • Meeting with guests w/o creation of an account
  • Directory lookup by name or department
  • Contact list
  • Presence status, online, in a meeting, do not disturb
  • Group chat: large file sharing, smileys, gifs, voice message
  • Voice, video, screen sharing
  • Also available on mobile
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The Rainbow platform is available in 4 different service plans:

  1. Essential
  2. Business
  3. Enterprise
  4. Enterprise Conference
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ALE Rainbow Enterprise Offer - COVID-19

To help businesses stay in touch, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has introduced a  Business Continuity promotion for new and current ALE customers – offering a free 3 month Rainbow Enterprise Licencing. 

The offer will allow you to benefit from as many Rainbow Enterprise subscriptions as required, to ensure that your colleagues can continue to engage with their customers and continue to operate as usual during this time of crisis.

To find out more about the technical deployment of these two remote work solutions click to see the full slide presentation

Contact us today to find out more about deploying ALE remote work solutions as part of your business

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