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Webinar ‘ThreeSixty – Remote Work at Your Fingertips’

By May 29, 2020January 25th, 2022Webinar
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The current spread of Covid-19 has forced many businesses to close their doors and either stop operating or continue to do so from home. Welltel is hosting a series of webinars in order to allow our customers to find out a little bit more about the services and products we offer especially in terms of remote work options that can help organisations to stay in business during this unpredictable time.

ThreeSixty is a system built in Welltel to facilitate small-medium businesses in Ireland with a modern and feature-rich phone system for an affordable price. It is fully customisable and a great fit for businesses across all industries.

This time Patrick Crilly, a ThreeSixty account manager in Welltel, hosted a quick 15min webinar to explain a simple softphone feature that can be installed in an existing ThreeSixty phone system in 24hours after order that will allow businesses to make and receive calls, has voicemail and auto-attendant features and many more. 

Even more importantly right now, it is installed remotely with no site visit required and installation made extremely simple. Watch the webinar recording now to find out more features of this product, order process and flexible contracts with customised call packages.

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