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Welltel Contact Centre Maturity Assessment

A free diagnostic session with one of our contact centre experts to understand your challenges and opportunities to create a path forward

About the Maturity Assessment for Contact Centres

The Welltel Contact Centre Maturity Assessment provides an objective and expert view of your use of cloud and other technology enablers.  It is a service that aims to futureproof the full spectrum of the contact centre and lead with customer experience at the core.

The Contact Centre Maturity Assessment is a diagnostic session with a Contact Centre Solution expert. We work with you to understand your challenges and opportunities, and by doing so we can create a successful path forward. See how the session works:


One of experts will work in consultation with you and your team to evaluate your current contact centre technology, systems, procedures and processes. We also provide an overview of latest industry trends and technologies such as cloud and gamification. We can assist in analysing and reporting on ROI, employee experience and overall customer experience to help benchmark KPIs.


We assess current challenges in your contact centre (capability, customer feedback, process) and provide recommendations on how to realign your contact centre strategy to meet and customer demands, now and into the future.


As an output of the assessment, we will provide you with a set of ‘opportunity areas’ that will allow to reimagine your contact centre and take the first steps to drive incremental improvement and overall ROI for all stakeholders.
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